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Transform your mindset, boost your productivity, and achieve your goals with personalized motivational slideshows tailored just for you

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Teaming up with influencers, doing metamarketing

AI-Powered DreamMaps

Generate beautiful, inspiring slides based on your chosen theme, with AI-generated visuals and quotes that resonate with your objectives

Share & Build Your Clan

Easily share your motivational slideshows with friends, family, and colleagues via social media or within your Guild, using your unique referral link

User Ratings & Rewards

Increase your Health-Wealth rating by inviting by referral link to your clan, to get: Boss status in Regional chapter, training, events with top influencers, in resorts

Benefits of membership

Ambassador program

Premium members share our special project, best of them to become Clans' Ambassadors, getting 10% from sponsor contracts

Our awesome features
Free assessments

Free assessments to get a job

Our awesome features
Referral Program

All contributors to Referral program get immediate opportunities and a share in Reserve pool

Our awesome features

Join a Supportive Community

Create or join Clans to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for motivation, personal growth, and success. Engage in discussions, share resources, and learn from one another.

  • Teaming up with influencers, doing metamarketing
  • Training valued $1500
  • Your money is in Reserve, returning to you in our tokens
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Bonus Training and Job
  • Membership in one of the Clans for participating in the Referral system, doubling reward, if your Clan win in voting
  • Guarantee for your services to 3rd parties. XR contest with prizes
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The Team

Meet our small team that make those great products.

Dr. Robert Goldman

Bruce Jeong
Global partner in MetaAlliance

Edward Musinski
Managing Partner

Paul Bronstein
TitleHead of Miami VR/AR/ association, Miami Metaverse

Rita Mittal
Head of INMARG Entrepreneurs Global Connect and Genesis Multimedia Communication

Michael J. Kaldasch
MD, CEO & founder of Aimedis

Ben El Idrissi
MD, COO & founder of Aimedis

Larry Oxenham
Chief of Business Development, researching, testing and creating trusted passive income strategies

Rory O'Neill
President of O'Neill Capital Advisors

Mahboob Subuhani
Director, MEA & APAC - Senior Advisor - Tech & Business Strategy - CBDC, FinTech, Blockchain, Metaverse, AdTech, DeepTech, eCommerce, SaaS & Infra

Brett King
Fintech influencer #2 in the world

Pavel Cherkashin
Technical Architect | AI/ML


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

It is DAO platform, operated by MetaAll community, distributing various AI services of partners. The benefits are shared with Agents and Influencers. The platform is doing global distribution for MX Hub innovations.

A rating of user based on power of his DreamMap and likes he get from others.

·        Till November 30, 2023, to elect 20 Regional Bosses, triggering crowdratings in 20 areas. This way, Metabook gets corporate clients for metamarketing ·        To engage 100 000 potential DAO agents getting training and access to Orderbook. ·        To reach $20M in revenues in 2023, shared with Metabook members, partners, influencers.

A potential agent must pay subscription for training, to increase his HW Rating. The best of them will be credited by system (second options of offering), to candidate for Regional Boss position.

Opportunity to get a job in one of startup from MX100 rating, • Opportunity to get one of tickets to events with top influencers, • Opportunity to win one of 1000 tickets to Work Retreat, • Members with highest Health-Wealth rating will get free health services, starting from 2025.

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